Terap Nasi


Common Name
Terap Nasi
Scientific Name
Artocarpus elasticus
Growth Form and Foliage
  • It is a tree up to 45 m tall with a 90 cm trunk diameter and buttresses up to 3 m tall.
  • Stalked leaves have thickly leathery leaf blades that are usually oval, 5.5 - 14 by 3 - 10 cm.
  • Leaves are spirally arranged and, simple with rough hairs on both upper and lower surfaces.
  • The leaves are dimorphic. The young plant has deeply lobed leaves and adult tree has elliptical to oblong entire leaves, about 15 - 60 cm long and 10 - 35 cm wide.
  • Inflorescences (about 4 - 7.5 cm long) occurs solitary and axillary.
  • Male flowers have 0.9 mm long stamens and oblong anthers while female flowers have simple or bifid styles which protrude out.
  • Fruit is cylindrical up to 12 cm long and 6 cm wide, with soft recurved spines.
  • Fruit is cream yellow and ripens brownish with a rancid smell.
  • Seeds are covered in white succulent flesh.
This species occurs scattered in lowland evergreen forests, up to 750 m altitude.
Ethnobotanical features
  • The white fleshy fruiting perianth is edible. Seeds can also be eaten after roasting.
  • Terap timber is also used mainly for light construction.
  • The bark is used by native tribes in Sarawak to make ropes and cloth.
  • The latex is used for making bird glue (for trapping).

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