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Common Name
Scientific Name
Sapium baccatum
Growth Form and Foliage
  • Small to medium-sized trees up to 30 - 39 m tall.
  • Columnar to sinuous, up to 60 - 95 cm in diameter.
  • Leaves arranged spirally, simple, entire to serrate; petiole with 2 glands at apex, red; stipules minute.
  • The flowers exude a sweet smell.
  • Two types of inflorescences can be found: purely staminate ones, regularly branched with long branches (each usually 5 - 7 cm long); and bisexual ones, hardly branched and with shorter branches (each 2 - 3 cm long).
  • The trees do not flower annually and fruit set is rare in the Malaysian population.
  • The fruits are edible, mealy and sweet and have been known to be used to treat ulcers by locals in Pahang, Malaysia.
  • Small fruit, woody or leathery capsule dehiscing into 4 - 6 parts often leaving the central column.
  • Seeds are black, with a thin, fleshy sarcotesta.
Sapium species are found scattered in well drained primary and secondary evergreen to deciduous rain forests, up to 800 m altitude.
Ethnobotanical features
  • Antimicrobial and cytotoxic constituents from leaves.
  • Tropical timber species.

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