Common Name
Scientific Name
Styrax benzoin
Growth Form and Foliage
  • Grows up to 34 m tall with small buttresses.
  • Leaves are spirally arranged, stalked leaves have leaf blades that are egg-shaped to oblong or lance-shaped and 6 - 20 by 2 - 9 cm. They also have white, woolly, star-like hair covering its undersides.
Its flowering shoot is 13 - 20 cm long and develops at the end of leafy twigs or the leaf axils. Each flowering shoot bears stalked, fragrant, white flowers.
Its indehiscent fruits are flattened-round and 2 - 3.8 cm wide. Each fruit contains 1 or 2 seeds that are dull pale brown and 1.5 - 2 cm wide.
Grows in mixed primary and disturbed forests, mostly on fertile soil, from 100 - 1,600 m altitude.
Ethnobotanical features
  • The plant excretes an aromatic and resinous substance (benzoin) when bruised.
  • Worldwide use as an incense and, in the flavour, fragrance and pharmaceutical industries.

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